Fuckitnügen II

Fuckitnügen II

Here we go again.

Wednesday at the club, I noticed that the car seemed sluggish to start. Today, when we wanted to go to lunch, it seemed inert. Dead battery.

So we jumped it (what a circus that was – I had to push the car, the wife steered, and she put it into the hedge). Anyway, got it running, went out to lunch at a nearby Wendy’s. Came out and found it dead again. So home we walked, 100 degrees but lots of shade, so not bad.

Brought the wife’s car out with the jumpers and started it again. This time, when it started, it seemed to have an electrical hiccup – the spoiler deployed, the radio lost its setting, all that. And then I noticed the airbag light was on.

See, there is a little icon of a mechanic with a big sack of money on his lap, meaning Airbags not working. To fix this, it costs over a grand. In twelve years, I’ve fixed it four times.

The guys at the shop figured that it was just a reset code, no worries. Got the battery replaced and still have that light.

“Do the bags even work?” I asked, gritting my teeth.

“Well, we can’t confidently say, not with any assurance…”

I told them I watched it happen – it came on the moment I started the car (the second time) on jumpers. It wasn’t on before and now it was. And for that, I’m going to be held hostage? No working airbags because I had to jump the car? And that it will cost a small fortune it fix?

And so I’m pissed, as pissed as any blackmail victim can be.

I told them I was going to contact VW online and scream bloody murder about this. That changed their tune a bit – they told me to bring it in Monday and let them have an extensive look (i.e. actually look at the thing I might get charged a weeks income over). So, okay, I’ll do that. I’ll drop the car off and bike in. But no way am I spending a grand because I had to jump the car (a routine procedure when a battery fails) and it causes a sensor failure.

Maybe that new Fiat….