Getting Old (Dog Ear)

Getting Old (Dog Ear)

o here was the thing – I have two books I dearly loved and they made movies out of them. Now, the movies took different paths from the books and purist-me, you’d think I’d really object to that sort of thing. But the producers did well, telling a new story with a different meaning. And really, if I had to admit it (and I do, since I’m blogging it), I love them both.

So I thought about it for a bit and decided it would make a great posting – yes, pointing out how art can tell two stories with the same set pieces. Fantastic. And then I had life happen. I’m writing an extension for my model railroad operations, I’m getting ready to give an hour-long speech at a convention, I’ve got jury duty coming up and a trip up north to bring my snowbirding mom down. Oh, and a Facebook ban (I said things about Texans that Texans didn’t agree with). All that stuff.

So this morning I sit down to write my two-books, two-movies bit. I write the first book in all nice and concise, a great piece. And then I go to write the second part about the second set. And I simply cannot remember what it was. I sat down and looked at all my DVD movies and it doesn’t show up for me. Looked at my books too, hoping for a hint. Nothing. So I’ve got that piece in drafts and am writing this piece about that piece now. Man, this getting old sucks.

It’s like the other day when I was talking to a friend about my upcoming jury duty and mentioned I had been on two before. Then I realized I simply couldn’t remember what the second trial was about. Total blank. Later it came to me – two old ladies bashing away at each other in a retirement home (what a dumb day that was). It finally came to me but yes, not at the snap of my fingers.

I guess I’m seeing my brain slowly down a bit as I edge through my sixties. But if there is anything I’ve learned about this, it’s that I need to write down ideas as I have them. My database is leaking and I need to make paper backups.