Getting ready

Getting ready

Well, I’m all set for model train ops (other than a few minutes of “beat to quarters” furniture moves).

My wife is not.

The dining table is straining under too many magazines, too many Walgreens receipts, her computer, all that stuff. I keep telling her she needs a system, something where things don’t end up piled a foot deep because she hasn’t gotten to them. But this is one of these “minefield” discussions. Married guys know this – I just went out to look at 10:13pm, she’s been at it (supposedly) for two hours and I don’t see any difference. What is she doing  – reading some of them? Moving things away and then back?

Of course, before ops, I don’t need any more tension. I’m already wired enough, what with 10+ people coming over and me depending on miles of wires, dozens of small motors, a revamped computer system, many many things.

So I go out and nervously eye the trash heap as the night advances.

“You making any headway?”


Uh huh.