God hates them? Really?

God hates them? Really?

Was walking home with JB  after a hipster lunch over at the local diner, Frankenstein over a cheeseburger, yum! Came to the corner of Virginia and Utah where this massive clump of unchecked foliage has pressed out a full lane, a hazzard for drivers trying to get around it. And there we found the two ladies who live down the street from us cutting it back with sheers and sweat-equity.

See, it wasn’t even their house. And they said while they were cutting it, the owners drove out and gave them a look. But there have been many near-misses because of people swinging into the oncoming lane just before this high-speed intersection, so they decided they’d had enough and would fix it themselves. No calling the city. No appealing to the disinterested owners. They’d clear the roadway on their own.

Now, I like these two. They are both sweet ladies, a same-sex couple, who walk their dog past our house every day. In the mornings when I bike out to work, one of them (on doggie-dawn patrol)  will always tell me something like “Have a beautiful ride”. And when I return, the other (on afternoon doggie detail) will call out “welcome home!” None of this “please be safe” or “thank God you weren’t killed”. Just friendly, happy greetings. We’ve chatted with them many times.

Anyway, we hung around and talked, and helped out a little (pulling foliage into the pile and cleaning up all the cans and bottles the brush had concealed). Just a warm sunny day with friends. Afterwards, walking home and arriving at their house, they asked us if we’d like to come inside for a bit – the mother of one of them was visiting. Sure.

Unlike most middle American houses, with the clutter and widescreen TVs and abandoned bowflexes, theirs was a sunny cottage, very pleasant and airy. We chatted with mom for a bit, exchanging neighbor gossip (whose feeding the strays now, what sorts of things are other people around the block up to). Just nice.

Eventually we bid our leave and went home. But it was a very pleasant visit.

I really don’t think God hates them. People speaking for God might. And shame on them for doing so. I just saw a loving couple, one a lot of heterosexuals could emulate.