Gods of Risk (Review)

Gods of Risk (Review)

es, the trilogy covering The Three Body Problem are all big books and I’m enjoying them immensely. But good things take time and I have a weekly review to run. Sooooo I’m pulling in another short story from The Expanse novella collection, Memories Legion, specifically Gods of Risk.

Not quiet sure why this (or any of the books) are named as they are. Asides, it’s a novella (and a bit of a long one) from the POV of Gunny Draper’s (i.e. Bobby’s) brother David. We know from the show that he got involved with cooking for a pusher and ended up in a bad place (which Bobby so neatly solved). But the show isn’t quite the book (and I don’t remember quite what happened in the book) so this explains it neatly.

It was an interesting story. I found myself (sorry to admit) getting tired of David moping about and feeling put-upon (given his brilliant future, his loving parents and such). Of course, the authors mentioned that David is in his “dumb-fuck phase of adolescence”. True, perhaps, but a tad tedious. And with Bobby floating in the background, silent and taciturn about the reason she’d been bounced from the corps, I just kept hoping the action would go to her. And finally, when it does, so satisfying. She’s got that measured violence response bit down pat.

So, I good effort but really there for the fans; I can’t imagine this one bringing in new readers. But still, I’m glad I read it.

Now I’m wondering how the books did deal with it.