Goodbye to a good friend.

Goodbye to a good friend.

Friends may come and go, but enemies accumulate.

-Thomas Jones (1892 – 1969)

One of JB’s and my good friends, Kanchan Banga, is leaving the states to return to Canberra. We met her through her brother, a professional work irritant and time-keeping scofflaw, through her efforts to arrange a surprise party for him (he was). Since then, we’ve gone out to French romantic comedies at the Enzian a couple of times – laughs around the table and all that. She even bought us all a bottle of wine once, a very kind gesture.

This being Orlando, we couldn’t go out with them for dinner too often (since everything but Taco Bell closes at 9pm). We closed out an Olive Garden once, and had a super meeting at a great Korean restaurant with them and my sister (Pat and Kanchan got along like a house of fire (whatever that means)) whispering girlish secrets and berating their various brothers.

Seeking greener pastures, she’s returning to Oz. Normally I’m overjoyed when someone leaves Plasticville (i.e. Orlando), not not this time.

We’ll miss your sunny smile, Kanchan!