Goodnight, Moon (DOG EAR)

Goodnight, Moon (DOG EAR)

he other night I had just shut off the light (and fired up the CPAP) to go to sleep. I lay in the dark, thinking of tomorrow’s events. I’d be getting up early and driving way down into Disney territory (i.e. Occupied Reedy Creek) to meet with a friend for breakfast. Then we’d go over to a guy’s place in Champion’s Gate (where the elite prop up their feet) to help him get an old layout running again (and hopefully scraping up some club donations).

I know traffic around Disney can be crazy so I decided to get there early. Nodded to myself. Good plan. Then I realized that I should bring a book (in case traffic was light or my friend was late). I’d need to know where my current book (Drake’s Drum) was at so I could be sure to fetch it tomorrow. And usually my books are right near my bed so I can read a chapter or two before dropping off.

Still in pitch darkness, with the sound of nature floating in through the open window, I reached down to the book pile by the bed. My fingers touched the top book and ran along their edge. That felt like Drum. About the right shape and size. Sliding a finger down the leading edge, I shuffled the pages.

I’m quite familiar with the Ark Royal series after almost twenty books. They are self-published through a place that uses paper not used by the more professional houses. Either way, it feels… different. So as I let the pages waft along my fingertip, I smiled to myself. Yes, my book was sitting in the dark, right under my hand.

Smiled at the reassuring touch of the thing and drifted to sleep, knowing my current book was by my side.

And then the fourteen pound cat lay on my leg, the clots formed, and my dreams became strange.

Goodnight, Moon.