Graphical Anuses (DOG EAR)

Graphical Anuses (DOG EAR)

eah, yeah, so that’s a pretty crude title. Please keep reading and see when you get the point of it.

Now, one thing about being a writer – and as I’ve said before – it’s not always about writing. This website, with twice a week minimum blogging, is not only writing but also web administration. Recently I had to work with my Greek pal Stergios to get the backups running again. And several months ago, I had a problem with bill-posting blog-jumpers. And two years ago, I got hacked and was being used for denial of service attacks. All this had to be tended to to keep Radio RobertRaymond on the air.

You think Hemingway would have been digging through HTML code? Hell, I can’t see him sitting on a crummy chair in a bookstore, trying to shift his product. But I’ve touched on that before.

Now, my latest site story (just so you wanna-be writers know what sorts of things you’ll face) took place with FaceBook. See, I post updates twice a week there. And until recently, it was no problem – I’d post to the Early Retyrement Group (acceptable from the this website – just hit the little blue ‘F’). Then, since I have different friends from group members, I’ll share to my timeline. And it was no problem – FaceBook would pick up the snazzy Cap up article-topside (in this case, the ‘Y’) and use it as the icon to lead the entry in FaceBook. I liked that appearance.

And then, a couple of months ago, it stopped working that way.


So now I got the “Manuscript” icon (which is really Black and background (white), so not very eye-catching). Worse, I only get the middle of the image, and since the ‘M’ is oversized, that puts the middle… well… yes, it spells out a not-nice place on your body. A very classy subliminal, you must say.

I hated it.

There are all sorts of things on the internet about this, about how to push plug-ins to Joomla (my webpage engine) to fix this. I didn’t like those – a security flaw in a plug-in was how the hackers got in the first time. And there were discussions about HTML changes to make – I can do limited HTML while formatting for other posting sites, but nothing like what they were describing (I love tech writers – so obscure).

I had decided to give up on this, but then noticed my sister was posting her own entries (oddly, about anuses) just fine. So how come she could do it and I couldn’t? So I asked her. And she took a prior posting from my site and it popped up right.

So now I’m really confused. I sat down one night and tried to duplicate this. Made the icons bigger. Added the icons I knew work. Made sure they were force-aligned. Everything she did, I did. And then, finally, I figured it out.

If you post to a group, you get no choice of image – it picks for you. But if you post to your timeline, you get a selection. And once that’s up, you can share to your group and the image holds. So, for now, I’ve got my desired icons back. But that’s probably only short term, until those FaceBook wonks change things again.

I remember when I used to just write novels…