Haste makes waste

Haste makes waste

Had to go to Winter Park’s Miller Hardware today (Sunday) to pick up some glue – they have a heavy adhesive that is good for real lock-down applications, and it doesn’t harm plastics or styrene. I’d just used up the last of mine Saturday at the club, gluing buildings down.

Kicked out of the driveway at 10:30 and it was hot and getting hotter. Still, Winter Park Road is nicely shaded. Unfortunately, it’s also nicely bricked. I don’t understand the city on this – they just rebricked it recently. However, they have it marked as a bike route. Why? There isn’t any lane and there sure isn’t any smooth ride. I felt like I was in a B17 getting flakked over Berlin. See, they did it right on Livingstone, which is also a brick street but with concrete runners in the bike lane. Why not here?

Got to Miller’s to find the lot empty. Uh oh. Looked at the sign. They open at 11am. Looked at the cell phone clock. It’s 10:50am. No problem. Stood at a shady corner where a sweet breeze whistled, cooling down.

With seven minutes to go, a red fuv plows into the lot. A woman gets out, walks over to the door, yanks on it, frowns. She then shot a look to me – “When to they open?” Yeah, definitely Winter Park. I replied that they opened at 11am. So she got back in her tank and rumbled off. I figure (from her westerly departure) that she was running over to the Lee Road Home Depot. But that really makes no sense – it will take her 10 minutes to get over there (so she’s not saving time). Further, she’ll burn 4-5 miles of gas (which in her fuv is about half a gallon, which is what I save in each biked commute). But rather than just standing in her own shade and waiting quietly and patently, she had to be in motion, even though it was wasteful and stupid.

I don’t understand people most of the time.