Ideas (DOG EAR)

Ideas (DOG EAR)

‘ve had a lot of experience with short pieces over my life. I’ve written many short stories for various audiences. I’ve reffed a number of RPGs and come up with crazy adventures. I wrote blog and radio pieces for Dr. Sister. And now, for the past ten years, I’ve been blogging twice a week, either my takes on media or on books.

That’s a lot of shit to generate.

It’s funny how it works. Right now I’ve got a piece I need to put into the NMRA newsletter I edit – something about model railroading. And I can remember walking into the kitchen to wash a glass. Nothing on my mind, no clue of what I will write about. Start washing the glass. Look out the window into the dark. Remember something that happened the other day. Someone said something. I can turn that into a positive aspect of model railroading. I consider it. I shape it. I add the hook and the conclusion. Yes, that will work.

And then I shut off the water and put the glass in the drying rack.

If you are going to write anything, especially short frequent pieces, you need to consider everything around you. You need to pluck that apple from the tree a creativity. It needs to be short and quick and make a solid point at the end. And this is especially true in this new media, the twitterstate, the metaverse. Nobody has time for ponderous paragraphs and pages of shaped arguments. Think tight and write tighter.

And if you need to, wash another glass.


PS – you’ll note I generated TWO pieces off one idea, the one for the newsletter, and then the one about the process for the blog. Double score!