ImPossible Histories (Review)

ImPossible Histories (Review)

eah, I’ve read Turtledove. And Dick. And all the famous alternate historical fictions. Even tried my hand with Early ReTyrement. Historical fictions can be fun to read and even to contemplate. But then comes Im-Possibe Histories by Hal Johnson. On one hand, this book about ways the world could change was well-thought out. in others, it was a laf-riot. Johnston has a witty sense of humor that he sprinkles across interesting ways that history might have changed if something had gone elseways. Some of them are far reaching in fallouts one couldn’t see coming. Some are funny and obviously dead ends (like if Aron Burr had not been so disliked, possibly you wouldn’t have gone to see Hamilton but rather Burr and your favorite CD would be ruined).

So yes, here we are, just coming into 2024 and I have a possible contender for next year’s “best of”. I really enjoyed it this much.

So if you’d like to see how things could have gone some other way, check this book out.

BTW, I agree with him and have never seen anyone catch this, but in the rush of sperm to an egg, that person would be totally different with the slightest change of timing. Meaning if someone said “hi” to your parents one day, that little event would result in you not being born “you”. I’ve always felt this about alternate histories where there are wild changes yet the same historic figures. No, it wouldn’t work out that way at all. And thanks, Mr Johnson, for recognizing that simple fact!