In a corner (DOG EAR)

In a corner (DOG EAR)

Monday sucked. Like a vampire (and not the nineteen-year-old pouty type, but the prince-of-darkness-and-you’re-dead-as-a-doornail type). Problems with code. Problems with the Indian contractors. Problems with the our patching processes. Finally dragged my tired ass out to the car, slumped into the seat, gasped in tired relief and looked on the floorboards. And there were those three agent packets sitting there.

Oh yeah. That vow deal.

I would rather have gone home. It was getting ready to rain, the cat needed to be fed, I needed a glass of wine. But Tuesday would be a bike riding day, Wednesday the train club, and Thursday maybe dinner with the parents.

So today it was.

So that’s how I ended up in the empty lobby of the post office just after six. It would have been more efficient to have waited until the weekend to post but then I’d be out a grand. I promised (vowed, even) to have those submissions out in a week. That’s how I found myself last Thursday night running off three packets of thirty-five pages each out of my poor little printer (rather than the more conventional early morning slip in and print at work deal). And that’s why I was over in the post office, dead on my feet, posting things out.

The trick of getting things done is that waiting is a slippery slope. You might wait a few more days, and that turns into a week, then longer. Now it’s raining. Next there is something on TV. Then the weather is too nice and let’s ride bikes. And so on. Ad infinitum. Literally.

And, really, once I was there, it went quick. Unlike the usual post office visit where you stand in a line and wait while the one counter takes care of a functional illiterate who can’t make their minds up on the difference between $2 and $3 postage, the postage machine was open. While I’m not a fan of electronic self-service, I’ve sent enough packages through this thing that I can pip-pip-pip those screens and have three packets stamped and in the slot in a few minutes. It was even on my way home, so no big deal.

So, if you work for…

Richard Henshaw Group

RLR Associates, LTD

Miriam Altshuler Literary Agency

…you should be getting my packet late this week. Just the perfect thing to carry home with you on the train. Blink at the unique vision of the crow vantage point. Laugh at their human truisms. And consider representing me.

You can see, by my bloggings, that I work hard.

Especially when there’s a grand on the deal.