Infomocracy (Review)

Infomocracy (Review)

o an interesting book, especially given our time. Imagine a company named “Information”, that unlike Truth Social or X, strives for a bias-free platform. You can ask anything and it should be reasonably correct (wasn’t this the original goal of the internet?). And further imagine that for the last twenty years, world-wide elections take place for local representations. You vote for your party and if you win, your immediate area is now under the control of that party. And there are dozens of parties – nationalistic, green, protectionist, etc. I really liked the party named Policity1st, which does not campaign with people but simply ideas – they will fill in representatives later.

Kinda interesting, right?

So as the current election cycle draws towards elections, all sorts of things are happening in this world. Okinawa is making noises about annexing its neighbors. An earthquake slams Tokyo. And meanwhile all sorts of agents are moving about, trying to swing the election this way and that.

A very entertaining book I picked up from a Norfolk shop a while ago. I believe there is a second in the series. The author is Malka Older, if you wish to learn more. I’ll give it a nod. The story was a bit of a blur, but funny and exciting all the same.