Insomnia (DOG EAR)

Insomnia (DOG EAR)

don’t know if this is the classic definition of insomnia. I just know it’s before 6am and I’m up.

I’d planned to post something else out of my prep-stash but looking out the windows into the dark morning, I thought I’d cover this topic instead. Are you a writer? Do you find yourself up way too early in the morning, tired yet active?

I think I know where my case came from. For the last twenty years of working, I’d have to get up and pretty much hit the ground running. Commuting in by bike, I didn’t have time to laze about, complain about Mondays and collapse into my car amid a spill of coffee. I had to be out the door and on the bike and over to my meet point with young Alex, so we could boom the nine miles to work, me riding his taillight and watching for all the things he wouldn’t point out.

Later, post-Alex, I got a folding Brompton bike and then it was a shorter ride – to the train station. But same thing – no time to be a little late, otherwise I’d miss my train, then my bus, and the ride would suddenly be  a lot longer.

Since I was a compliance officer at work, and a scrummaster, all my under-the-gun efforts were first-thing affairs. Had to get the reports to the managers out. Had to check the overnight patches for signoff and compliance. Had to get a look at team progress and set up the room for our around-the-world huddle. Busy busy busy.

And now, I’m retired.

The two kitten/cats we have know the wife will sleep through a bomb so it’s me they come to in the mornings. And since they don’t wind their little kitty watches, it’s always 4am when they start it up. Breakfast isn’t until 5am, so I nap on the couch until two bells on the ship’s clock.

And then I’m awake.

I’ve got the game I’m writing, the books I’m working on, the newspaper, considerations of new bike routes, train club activities, all that stuff. Like it or not, my mind is up and running, just as it was trained to do. And that’s why I’m right here, right now, writing a blog entry as the birds chip and it’s darker than the grave outside.

I’m not the only one. My friend Jesse posted me an email at 5am. Doctor Sister also notes that she’s often up in the early’s. Even knew a business man who was always facing change and having morning panic attacks at 4am. There are a lot of people who are up at this crazy hour.

All I can say about this is that if this is you, okay, saddle it and ride it. You can either lay in bed, looking at the ceiling and thinking of the things you need to do or you can get up and do them. At least you’ll have something to show for it.

Like this blog.