Inspector Bellamy (review)

Inspector Bellamy (review)

At one point in this movie, the Inspector (and his wife) visit some gay friends of theirs and get stuck watching a slideshow of their vacation.

I sort of know the feeling, since the Inspector, himself, is on vacation and yet gets involved in a criminal investigation. Sort of. See, the guilty party comes to him and confesses (right up front). And then he stumbles across the girlfriend of the victim, who really doesn’t care to press charges and see justice done. And then we get interviews of what happened, which don’t change our understanding of events at all. Basically, there was a guy who needed a corpse, a guy who wanted to be a corpse, and an audience who was looking for some sort of movie in all this.

No twists in our understanding. Nobody really lying, nobody protecting anyone, nobody at risk. The criminal pretty much hangs out in his hotel room and finally, bored as we were, gives himself up. Their is a casual trial where the defense lawyer actually sings a plea (what was THAT about?). The defendant is acquitted. He breaks up with the girl this was all about. Bellamy puffs up and down stairs. We get to see a little of rural France. Roll credits.

We’d gone with our good friends and froggieflickophiles, Adi and Kanchan. It was actually nice when someone else proposes a movie that flops. Actually, Kanchan’s cute embarrassment at the film’s lack of pulse had far more drama than anything we’d sat through.

Why Rotten Tomatoes gave this 84% is beyond me. Mon Dieu.