Introdus (DOG EAR)

Introdus (DOG EAR)

kay, I’m unsure and uneasy about Facebook’s new group method.

I know that this blog is really a labor of love (just as my novels were). I know both have received little notice by the mediasphere. I’m a realist. This blog is more an exercise at journaling than anything else.

So when Facebook changed it’s group defaults to allow anyone to join, I just shrugged. After years of managing this place, very few people had joined. It was more a close collection of friends who wanted to see my comments about media and books. Fine. It’s like my own little cafe in this crazy internet world.

And then the policy changes and suddenly I got a dozen new join-ups.

Yes, that’s nice and all, and maybe there are still people out there looking for information about my books (and even more unlikely, my blogs). But I have to wonder what this sudden introdus (a make-believe word, the opposite of exodus) is about. Why did suddenly everyone join when they could have asked to join a few weeks ago? What is going on here?

I’m carefully monitoring my site and my group to make sure nothing seems to be amiss. Oh, I know that if some of these people are Soviet or Chinese hackers, I’m probably dead. So I’ll just have to watch carefully and if suddenly spam starts flying about, I’ll have to run down the newbie list and execute all the newcomers. I’d have to do that, but then again, having had my old Joomla site get hacked a couple of times, I come from a background of burnage.

So we’ll watch. And we’ll see.

Otherwise, a tentative “welcome aboard” to all those recent joiners.