Kindle missionaries

Kindle missionaries

D’ja see that new Kindle ad where cool looking people tote kindles about in bike baskets and the back pockets of stone-washed jeans? Young people all looking so active. And the only thing they aren’t shown doing?


Because the thing about kindles is not quietly reading on it, it’s about bragging about how quickly you can get your books, how cheaply, how many books it holds. Ever had a kindle-ninny tell you what they were reading? No, its just about their device.

Really, how many times do you have to say, “So, just what the fuck were you reading on your slab?” and watch them have to shift from toy-boasting to literature (two different conversations entirely).

Personally, I think most of these kindle-ninnies don’t really read – they just look at their reflection in their tiny little screen like a parakeet ogling its reflection in its cage mirror, savoring that they can appear trendy and book-smart in one go.

Pretty bird. Pretty bird.