KittyLog – 4/22/2019

KittyLog – 4/22/2019

ell, we got our two kitties last night, Chinki (a Hindi word employed for cute daughters and such) and Ritz. We decided that this time we’ll get two so they won’t be lonely when left alone (and can destroy the house together).

When we got them home Monday night, we decided to keep them in the Florida room for the first night (where their poo-box and food is) so they’d stabilize to the environment. We sat out there for the evening, watching them play and explore. They kept their distance, slightly nervous around us. However, later in the evening I came out and found JB sitting in her chair with both kids on her lap. No, outside of some flinch-petting, I hadn’t quite bonded with them yet.


Eventually the clock rolled to about midnight. I decided I’d sleep out there with the newbies. Of course, all we have is a chair that you have to curl into to sleep in. So I did. And I actually got some shuteye.

The kids were quiet until 2am or so. That’s when the prowling started. Chinki (who is the high-altitude climber) took a tumble off a bookshelf. Someone found a toy with a bell. It was okay – I just enjoyed laying there, watching them move across the night lite, prowling about.

We’d gone into the second slumber period after a bit when I heard a mournful cry. Chinki was bunking in her travel carrier, dead to the world. It must have been Ritz from his place on the padded footstool under the rocking chair. Again, the mournful cry, one of homesickness and mommie-missing.

“Ritz, it’s okay.”

A long pause. Minutes slipped by. Then “Mooorrrrrrraaaaaaallll!”


An even longer pause. Then little claws boosted a tiny body up onto my settee. Little paws up my leg. Then he was easing down across my tummy, snuggling into my bathrobe along the line of my belly. He really didn’t settle but he didn’t cry. He just gnawed my finger, pseudo-nursing.


After about twenty more minutes, another set of claws, another invader. This time it was Chinki, always on the ridgeline, walking up and down my right side, so high up. Eventually, after licking my arm for a bit, she settled onto her haunches. I petted her, raising a rosy little purr. That’s what I was looking for.

So it was a restless night with me not trying to move and the kids shifting around or batting each other. So sweet – I hope this is actually a connection, that they won’t be so skittish around me. Eventually six AM rolled around and the travel alarm buzzed. I tried to reach around to get it but Chinki was already up on her little stiff legs, hackles up, hissing like a steam pipe at this interruption. She looked so sweet like that. I guess she’s not a morning person.

So maybe more photos tonight – we’ll see. JB has just given them the run of the living room, the dining room and kitchen. Their world is opening up.

More to come.