KittyLog – 4/24/2019

KittyLog – 4/24/2019

ast night I woke up at 2am. Wondered what was going on in the house. Found the doors open in the Florida room, but Chinki and Ritz hanging close to the night light. Apparently our dark and sizable (sic) house scared them.

So taking one in each hand, I carried them back to the bedroom and put them aboard. They found it interesting – lots of whisker-bristling excitement. Looking out the back window was a real gas for them. And then Chinki started hanging around the edge of the bed so I lifted her down. Off she trotted, back to the Florida room. And Ritz, he got concerned so I debarked him too, and away he scurried.

Aside: I notice that Chinki tends to lead, and Ritz follows. She climbs and explores, he watches. I’m learning their personalities (or is that catonalities?).

But an hour later, I heard movement around the base of the bed – the kids were back. This resulted in a number of airlifts and troopdrops and the two came and went. Eventually Chinki actually did it herself, climbing up the side of the bed. Poor Ritz got halfway up and cried – had to hoist him aboard.

A little more inspection and then Ritz settled in against my side. And Chinki, she nestled on my chest. I put a hand over each (softly) to keep them warm and fell asleep. Five minutes before the alarm went off, I woke up. Shifted everyone to the floor again (and off they scurried to their room) and shut it off.

Later, after shave and shower, I put my shoes on, the two standing by, watching with canted heads and gleaming eyes.

So cute.