Knowing oneself (DOG EAR)

Knowing oneself (DOG EAR)

‘ve always been honest enough with myself to not try to anticipate how I would respond in an emergency. What would I do if someone held a gun on me? What would I do if I was faced with a chance at total corruption for total gain? Could I sell my soul? Easy to “pre-brag” about yourself but me, I’m not so sure.

How would I deal with a mid-air emergency if I had a plane? Always wondered.

Two hours post-solo in my little red ultralight, I found out. I was climbing steep and hard off Lake Apoka (it was a pontoon plane), about two hundred feet up, the engine just cut. And there I was, in total silence but for the wind moaning through the wires, nose-high, leaning back in my seat facing the sun, feeling my momentum draining away.

Suddenly, I became Mr. Roboto.

Pressed the stick neatly forward, pitching the plane nose down. Got my speed up as I dropped towards the water, pulled bank and executed a decent engine-off landing. It was my own little “Miracle on the Hudson”.

The reason I bring this up is I’m finding how I deal with full quarantine. It’s a bit like a prison lockdown. So, would i go crazy? Would I go nuts? Would I fight with my wife?

Answer is – no. I’m doing quite fine, actually. I’ve been a bit of an introvert and so this extra time fits right in. Oh, I miss dining out (we’re working at ordering out instead) but otherwise, I’m good. Aside from the bike rides, we’re working through a number of streaming series (The Good Place, Black Sails, Better Call Saul, Dispatches from Elsewhere, and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure (yeah, anime)). I’m thinking I might even do Cowboy Bebop again soon. And books, I’ve knocked off a couple, including The Dog who could Fly, Predator’s Gold and Fire and Bronze (yeah, I know, but it’s been fifteen years).

I’ve also been working on a couple of CYOA (Choose Your Own Adventure) games including StoreyMinus, which I assessed after not playing for a while and realized how it could be easily improved.

I’m holding my bedtimes firm to midnight, usually getting up at 8am, riding the bike three times a week, and listening for my dream voice for suggestions of improvements (the waking voice) on my projects.

So yes, I’m doing fine. I’ve adjusted to this new CORVID-19 world and will continue to shelter-in-place until I feel it’s safe.

Now let me post this up so I can get back to game design (and I’ve got some lunchtime reading to do, too!)

Enjoy the quiet world while it lasts!