Lead Time (DOG EAR)

Lead Time (DOG EAR)

know this is going to happen.

Saturday after next is the deadline for the Journal Box, the model train newsletter I put out for the Southeast Region of the National Model Railroad Association. Just like all the ones I’ve done before, I’ll post out calls for articles and nobody will respond. I’ll get one or two, but not enough filler for 16 pages. And then, the day of the 15th, everything will come flooding in. Usually critical information will come in the day after deadline (with stern instructions to me to make room for this late piece).

Always the same.

I’ve already written up an article for the newsletter about my own Tuscarora Branch Line railroad (which I am building). I’m even thinking about extending it (possibly to sixteen pages if I don’t get submissions). But I guess this has been true all my life. My software team was always hectically testing the day of delivery. My friends always show up fifteen minutes late. It’s human nature, I suppose.

I’m writing this the day before it posts up, just to be ready. I thought about it on my twenty-mile bike ride, worked out what I wanted to say, and did the dirty early.

I even picked out cover art for the issue, and have some neat stuff to say about it. So I’ll be ready to roll on the 15th. Look for the new Journal Box “Me” Issue, hitting the stands in two weeks.