Lent Rethought (DOG EAR)

Lent Rethought (DOG EAR)

 couple of weeks back I noted my thought that for Lent I’d give up storytelling. It seemed like a good idea at the time but I wasn’t sure how easy it would be to tell storytelling from simple discussion. For example, if you see a crime, are you storytelling when you talk to the police? Or are you fulfilling a duty as a citizen?

It’s a bit… nebulous. And that’s me speaking as both a writer and an amateur astronomer.

Now, I’ve long had a hate-affair with smartphones and the zombie-wander aspects of their users. Worse, if I’m killed on my bike, I know it’s going to be because of a self-centered twit plowing me under while surfing for kitten pictures. Poor me – I died so ironically.

Still, I’ve heard there is a physical issue about smartphones and constant “approval” from click-friends. With every like and every share, a small dose of pleasure squirts into the brain (don’t ask what the details are concerning this – my sister’s the doctor. I just heard it somewhere). So, like a monkey conditioned to pull a lever and win a banana when a light flashes, these people drag out their smartphones in the elevator, on walks, on the commode, everywhere. They are literally addicted to their smartphones.

Which brings me to Facebook.

So while I can sneer about the zombie apocalypse, I will admit that I’m a bit of a Facebook clicker. At work, I’ll glance in every hour. I’ll think about what someone said, or come up with a witty rejoinder, or nod at a comment I agree with. The bell rings. I pull the lever. I get the banana.

So yes, I’m the guy who snorts lines of coke and laughs at the addicts with their needles.

Like kicking soft drinks a few years back, I’ve got to cut back on this. It’s just too much now, a bit out of control. If I had my way I’d go cold turkey. I’m sure I could (says the addict with the confidence of the moment). However, I do need to post notice of my latest blogs. So here’s the rules – I’ll only go into Facebook to post up book reviews, writing considerations, astronomy events and model railroad sessions (and only in their proper areas). I will not read any other entries. And I will not click on the indicators of updates and messages. And since Lent started a day ago (March 1st) it’s already in effect. So I hope you like and share and forward this all to hell and back – I just won’t be here to see it.

See you  at Easter*.

(* = and only once a day. I’m only going into Facebook once per day as a follow-through. Yes, like sodas, I’m limiting my intake)