Missed signals (DOG EAR)

Missed signals (DOG EAR)

o today, here’s a brief column about the earliest form of human communication: the gesture. In this case, it’s flipping the bird.

Side note: Yes, the finger came about after Agincourt in 1415, but it is a gesture so I’m going with it.

Now, I’m a cyclist. And a pedestrian. I walk and bike more than most people, and hence can tell you that most people drive like furious buttheads. Having been on the receiving end, I slow way down and swing way wide of any non-car humans. I’ve been hit by cars once while on foot and six times while riding my bike. And yes, it hurts and is quite frightening. Knowing that, I take it very easy around pedestrians.

So this is why my little story is baffling. I was coming south on a road that swings into Orange Ave, coming in on a tangent. My lane and the Orange lane form two lanes southbound where I come in. I was about fifty yards short of a crosswalk, my light was green, I was doing about 40mph, and a pedestrian (not crossing on the light but still just stepping clear) was regaining the sidewalk to my left. By the time I crossed the crosswalk he’d used, he was ten feet further along it. I glance at him as I go by and he’s flipping a furious bird at me.


Look, I’ve done things in the highway that possibly earn me birds. But this time he was well clear. And yet he was furious about something – I can’t imagine what.

We all like mysterious backstories. Maybe he’s got some sort of one going. Hates MiniCoopers? The color blue? Writers?