Mistborn (Review)

Mistborn (Review)

his one was a recommendation by our favorite barista Maddy, a book of high fantasy in a world so bleak it is really not to be believed.

The thing is, magic works, but only after a fashion. There are eleven metals that a misting (who can use one) or mistborn (who can use them all) employ for basic spells. But here is the interesting part – the metals are swallowed by these mages, and their bellies burn them, so that’s what fuels the magic.

It’s really wild and craftily done, this set of magic rules that make this fantasy world work. You can see all sorts of creative uses, from the bad guy using mistings to depress the emotions of the city’s slave populations to all the things you can do if you can attract (or repel) metal. The magical battles are breathtaking, the bad guys creepy and evil, and the whole backstory hidden yet a fantastic payoff when we find out what’s going on.

I didn’t think author Brandon Sanderson will manage to pull off a win for the goodies in this one – it seemed so unlikely, but he did it and he did it fair. But wait, there are more books in the set (I’m going to be borrowing the rest from a friend of mine). I’m looking forward to reading them, in between my beloved Destroyermen series.

Worth a look. Great over a cup of bitter coffee and a sweet.