Next step towards Global Domination

Next step towards Global Domination

The entire idea for this website came from reading how “Waiter Rant” and “Bike Snob” were placed by agents and publishers through their blogs. This thought burned in me. Shortly afterwards, I bolted upright in a San Diego hotel room at 2am with the realization that my five year old “Fire and Bronze” promo site wasn’t doing squat.

First step, I vowed into the popcorn-ceilinged darkness, was to get an interesting, interactive website up where I could keep information flowing and interest building. Well, I’ve got the interactive and flowing parts down.

Next step, I’d put one of my older novels onto the Kindle to leverage a new market (as slimy business guys say). For this, I have picked Early Retyrement, one of my more light-spirited novels about a computer programmer who falls back in time to the city of Tyre (in the eastern Mediterranean), way back in the B.C.s. Unlike most temporal-slide novels, this hero doesn’t know how to make iron, cure diseases, or even when a convenient eclipse will occur. But he eventually does come up with a few things he can use to improve his station as wineshop slave. But he’d better bring them out quick, because Tyre lies in the path of Alexander the Great and in our ancient timeline it was totally destroyed by his seven-month siege.

I’ll be posting the cover art and opening chapter as they become available.

And then, soon, you will all bow down before me.