No Other Gods (Review)

No Other Gods (Review)

till crushing my way through a major book. And given what’s going on in my life (details in Thursday’s Dog Ear) I’ve got a lot of short story collections floating around. So this one comes from Catastrophes, a collection of short end-of-the-world scifies edited by Asimov, Greenberg and Waugh. It looks at disasters that end life, from the galactic to the localized. I’ve just puttered through two stories and picked this one to pass along.

So it turns out Yvonne and Quinton, doctors of science and seemingly out in a spaceship, in and out of hyperspace, come back to find the universe turning to nothing. It would appear that the Galactic Hub Computer, on its own, ran a program to end life, the universe, and everything. Nothing remain but still blackness.

Its intention, it seems, is to set itself up as God, to make things better than that last go round. And while it’s preparing its superior beings, it takes pity on the scientific pair (whom it has no other uses for) and offers them the chance to live their happiest moment of their life in a bubble. They won’t even know they are. They will just be happy for eternity.

There answer was quite surprising.

And what was it? I’m not going to say, but I’ll let you find out. It’s only a short story and you can FIND IT HERE. Just search for “No Other Gods” and you should be able to located it.

Let me know if you liked their decision.


It turns out, in reading this, that MY version is slightly different, more fleshed out at the end. So it goes. War of the Worlds had different versions too. Well, enjoy this anyway.