NoOpsLog – FEC – 6/22/2019

NoOpsLog – FEC – 6/22/2019

t happens – we were in mid-ops on Ken Farnham’s fine Florida East Coast. I was dispatching, had three trains southbound trains moving towards Palm Bay. The local was out of the way. Another one was done early and could run home. JB was working the yard with a team that was having a good time. The other shed was packed with engineers.

And then the layout shut down. There was a short and every attempt made to fix it blew yet another fuse.

It happens. I’ve had my own Cuesta Grade conk out. Our club layout, the LM&O, has gone down twice (why it doesn’t just catch fire is anyone’s guess, the wiring’s such a rat’s nest). I was at one guy’s place in Ashville, traveled a long way for the session, and something blew under the yard that sent a scale mushroom cloud roiling up. Happens.

I’m hoping that Ken get’s this sorted out. Like I said, the session was really running smooth and we were having a great time. The FEC is always a joy to run. Looking forward to next month.