Noticed (DOG EAR)

Noticed (DOG EAR)

don’t get a lot of money from this site. My references to other books get pretty much nothing (every month, Amazon mechanically tells me that, a nice confidence builder). So why do I have 1,472 entries on this site?

Well, for one, it is still nice to get my own thoughts and interests out there. Look at the success of Facebook and Twitter.

But it runs deeper than that. Yes, I might be a lone voice mewing into the night. Sure. And I can’t tell in WordPress (unlike Joomla) how many hits I’m getting. But I do remember I’d get about 100-300 hits per posting. Certainly not #therealdonaldtrump or anything like that. Certainly not enough for advertisement. But it’s enough.

Further, I do get recognition. The piece on not having enough time I did bring feedback at various lunches – I was surprised how that hit a chord (positive and negative) with people. Even my mom read it.

My blogs for various model train operation sessions seem to do quite well. I’ve even seen them posted on owners sites (such as here) (look way down at the bottom). And every so often, sitting around before the session starts, a fellow operator will mention that he enjoys reading my recounts.

I’ve even become loose friends with a couple of other writers (whose works I’ve reviewed).

And, of course, when I do post up a blog-link on Facebook, it’s always nice to see a couple of likes by the 180-odd (very -odd) souls who follow me there. Keep clicking, friends!

Yes, running this site is a pain. It’s a lot of work and it does cost money (moving over to WordPress involved hiring an Indian group to convert the old site over – but they did a great job). But it does give me that voice, a chance to say what I think and think about what I say. And yes, there is that priceless ego boost when someone reads a recommendation or laughs at something I’ve written. Nice.