On and on (DOG EAR)

On and on (DOG EAR)

was supposed to get $100,000 after taxes.

Yes, my company was offering an early buyout and I put in for it. I’m near retirement (or ReTyrement) and I was ready to bolt. Activated the offer, waited for five weeks, then found out that my company was not genuine on this. Hardly anyone at all got it.

Bait and switch.

Well, shit.

So today I was in a scrum call, listening to everyone grab the conversation string in a heated argument, making their points with long-winded reasoning, just double-lung blowouts of dialog. I started doing what I usually do, figuring out how I’d edit it down if I was writing this scene. Entire paragraphs of backstory, exampling, like-its, all that I could cut. I’d have gotten this argument down to three or four pithy dialog blocks.

But why bother? After nearly forty years of listening to pontifications and run-ons and fragrant-bullshit, of sitting in chairs watching the sun sweep the sky and the days slowly pass, why should I think I get an easy and rewarding exit from this place? Looks like, if I’m ever going to resume my writing efforts, I’m going to have to take the hit and leave this pod on my own accord.

No gold watch. No job-well-done.

Shovel and pick time.

The only yackity-yack crap I’m interested in will be the background dialog at the local coffee shop.