OpsLog – FEC – 08/28/2021

OpsLog – FEC – 08/28/2021

o it was a training day on the Florida East Coast. Given the confusions that the new Pinetta Industrial Area has faced, Ken invited a smaller group, broke us into two teams and had us run through the AM and PM shift.

This meant that I got a glare when my wife (who is perfectly happy doing the yardmaster job) got posted to the AM engineer. Me, I’d come in at that shift and dumped the inbound cars, the the mainline background job. She wasn’t very happy when she settled in her seat and started running her RS-3 up and down the busy industrial area.

She shouldn’t have fretted. The conductor had to call the moves and the brakeman was tossing the turnouts – she just had to drive as ordered. Everyone settled in and seemed to pick up their tasks. It was a pretty good run.

After a couple hours of drilling, Ken opened the session to a very relaxed AM shift, running the trains under moonlight conditions. Me, I was on the panel, lining up trains and edging things along. Since there was no switching, there were no delays. We ran right off his sheet and outside of some weird yard entries (to allow us to restage) everything went perfectly.

As always, running the Florida East Coast is a fun session. Thanks again for having us out!