OpsLog – FEC – 6/25/2016

OpsLog – FEC – 6/25/2016

nother big day over at the FEC. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, and in retrospect, I got some pretty sweet jobs – just easy run throughs with a minimum of switching. And that’s fine – sometimes I like the air-traffic-control nature of dispatching, sometimes I like the stress-puzzle of industrial switching, but sometimes I just want to run trains, blow the whistle correctly at crossings, ring the bell while passing stations and yards, just doing everything by the book.

Funny, but my buddy Bob got all the jobs I had last time, the tough limestone trick, the devilish Titusville tangle (I won’t say how he solved this one, but it was unconventional). But yes, while everyone else was fussing in and out of sidings, I was just rolling along at track speeds, two longs, a short and a long at the crossbucks, just moving freight with an occasional easy trailing point setout. Nice.

I even called down Thor and this thunder on Bob while he worked Eau Gallie – lighting and all those effects while he was trying to switch. Yeah, I was such a ‘hole. But it was fun.

So a good session even with spotty signals (real-world lighting might have damaged them). And the new defect detector never fired off (and we had a lot of defective people running through it). And there was also a report leaked by inside sources and broken by this blog that two trains cornfielded in Bowden yard. The home office hushed it up, but yes, we did get a whisper of that. Hard to hide two mangled multi-ton locos but that’s precisely what management did. Remember, you heard it here first!

Thanks again, Ken and Bev, for hosting!