Opslog – LM&O – 1/27/2021

Opslog – LM&O – 1/27/2021

aybe because we had a lot of familiar faces show up. Or maybe because everyone brought all the things we needed for a good session. Or maybe because the Zanesville Local only had one car to spot. But it was a great night on the LM&O.

With Cody on the DS board and Nick in the yard, the railroad organizational staffing was rock solid. Even the newbies (like Braden and his Dad) came prepared, having studied Silver Bullet Two’s timetable and walked the layout, getting a good understanding of what they would be doing.

That works for me, since instead of running around putting out fires and answering questions, I can focus on running through our massive imaginary world. Tonight, as mentioned, it was the Zanesville Local 927/928. Loads were light – we’re still rubberbanding from that weird session two times ago when none of the freight got shifted and the yard swelled up. As the ripples reverberate through our sessions, we’re getting one strange variations to the locals. Last time we were packed. This time, most of the cars are still being loaded/unloaded so there’s only a couple to pick up. This gave me time to both plan my moves smoothly and to train-watch. Best moment of the night was watching Chris and Jim pass on different levels on either side of the Harris Glen valley. The whole night was just long freights rumbling through the deep mountains, passing through mostly-completed scenery.

Sometimes, you know, this is the whole reason I went to all those shows, and painted and reroofed the building. And why I made all those hospital visits (and even carried a casket or two). And the Christmas parties. And restarted flopped projects. It all comes down to making this club (and nights like this) possible. Everyone around me was having a good time. Everyone was running slow (even, according to reports, Helper AJ). So after thirty years of effort, we have a very complex operations scheme and miles of track to run it on.

Still smiling. Thanks for the session.

Next blog (in one month) – Can Frank cut the dispatching mustard? Tune in!


A long freight on the long descent from Harris (Photo: J. Mathis)