OpsLog – LM&O – 1/28/2015

OpsLog – LM&O – 1/28/2015

ne of the recurring plot lines in my own life is getting hyper-nervous about things – presentations, operations, all that stuff. All day today, I moved through my work efforts with a leaden stomach, worrying about ops. All my friends always give me a hard time, saying I worry about nothing.

Oh no?

Tonight was a rough night at the club. I dispatched, and we had some returning members and potential new members in the squad. I wanted it to go well. But traffic was absolutely horrible getting out there (is it wrong for me to hope that whoever caused that massive backup we had to push through actually died in the accident?). And then, after some confusion, we kicked off the session.

We can only come to the conclusion later (given the timing of events so horrible they’d make a strong man weep) that a member’s throttle was going berserk. All we knew was that the boosters were failing, the loconet stuttering, and the engines running away. Back in the DS, even my master clock was malfunctioning. Just terrible. I could hear the boys trying to get through the session and struggling, and felt pretty bad for them.

So, finally when that member swapped out his throttle, all those problems went away. The second half of the session was sane, just trains running and warrants going out. So different from the first part, with all that we suffered.

So, yes, even though most sessions I walk away from with a glow, floating six inches about the ground, tonight it was all I could do to drive home, dead tired.

Nothing else to say. Going to bed.