OpsLog – LM&O – 10/26/2011

OpsLog – LM&O – 10/26/2011

The reason we run trains is to escape reality. Even though we often push weathered cuts of cars into rusty sidings flanked by shabby industrial buildings, even if the era is the great and deep depression, there is an escapism to operations.

I hate when reality follows us into our make-believe world.

The recession is hitting the club hard. People have been forced into crummy jobs, night work and such. Others are having to extend services of their businesses to stay afloat. And those with 9-5 jobs are so burned out by the stress of keeping them that they often go home for a liberal dose of tube. This means that ops are poorly attended. And with fewer trains, the game just isn’t so hectic. And that reduces the fun. Nobody wants to see a play where the actors sit quietly for long periods of time.

I remember back to the sessions two years ago, the call sheet filled, the operators waiting six deep to get warrants, the traffic, the noise. Now its like running in a church. Fortunately, those who attended tonight put their all into it, running multiple trains and getting everything done. We finished, but there were only four of us at session’s end.

Don’t quite know where this is going. Fewer layouts, fewer sessions.