OpsLog – LM&O – 2/26/2020

OpsLog – LM&O – 2/26/2020

mage you were trying to conduct a symphony and two oboes, a french horn, two violins and a tuba show up. That was ops with a limited number of people.

People were sick. People forgot. People were out of town. People were sulking. I dunno what all the excuses were. However, when we don’t have turnout, our efforts suffer. There isn’t as much traffic across the summit. The freight forwarding system slows down and backs up.

We didn’t organize our resources (everyone wants to run a specific train). So that’s why we got all the coals and passenger trains, four of the six freights, a mess of extras and only one local. I guess we’ll be trying to clean up this mess next week.

On the good side, Shaun did a good job on the Western subdivision. With the lighter traffic, we were clicking things through the division point with hardly a pause. At one point I did pass four at Lehigh but otherwise it was about as sleepy as the Southern RR on the L&N division.

Of course, the comical moment of the evening (yeah, here it comes) occurred when Shaun whined about having only three trains on his right of way and that he was bored. And then two of them crashed. Then it was very exciting. You gotta love those Karma moments.

But for what we had, it still was a smooth session. I just wish we could get our numbers up. Maybe next month…