OpsLog – LM&O – 2/28/2018

OpsLog – LM&O – 2/28/2018

razy night at the club. Not only were we a bit short-handed but we had VIPs, namely the superintendents for the FEC of who I’ve blogged about on this very train blog, Ken and Bev Farnham.

Figured it would be a good session – Cody on the panel (a firm hand) and Frank in the yard (rock solid). I rolled the Zanesville Turn out (or tried to – the DS pushed a long-range warrant against me so I idled in the yard for a bit). But once I hit the rails, everything was fine.

The switching was orderly but I was running twin four-axle units. Problem here was that we’ve been rotating turnouts out and haven’t gotten all the frogs powered so lots of stalling, lots and lots of it, second helping please, Mr. Scrooge. And of course, there are the visitors running with us and we’re coming off the rails or baulking or fussing. But Ken with the perfect guest – when he saw what we were going through, he just smiled. “It’s how it goes with Visitors”. Yeah, really.

Still, the moves were fun to get Zanesville sorted. Made a run back nice and smooth (other that a long hold while the Mingo turn picked through gons at Weirton). Then got to run 298, the last freight east. Had to tack on Sparkly Power (i.e. CPs) to get over the hill – the two geeps weren’t going to cut drag freight.

But long view – it was a fun session. We just need to keep working on those horrible turnouts.


Bob and Ken go for the run-around record while every train looks on