OpsLog – LM&O – 3/23/2016

OpsLog – LM&O – 3/23/2016

e’re going to have to start throwing random events in.

It went too well.

Oh, I know that there are always derailments and issues. The random car spotting has gotten crazy (Variety Press is getting all their unsold copies of Early ReTyrement back, it seems). But really, from the panel, it was a smooth night.

We ran all the drag freights, most of the passengers and three of the four locals. Everyone came in and set up smooth. I fired up the computer and got the back office running. Had some guests show and put them on 202 – poor Jim, I’m always unloading nuggets on him, but really he gets a good fun run on that ride and tonight was no exception. So it was GO HOT time and – highball! – we’re off!

Really, I just plugged the trains through like always. All the passenger traffic ran pretty much on time. Kicked out orders against their timetables, adding the order expires at option. The helpers were busy, the line hummed, the new track held true, and everyone was smiling. You can’t have a better night than that.

I’ll even toss a complement to BigJon Diaz, who took the yard and ran pretty smooth. How well he spotted, I can’t tell you for a couple of weeks, but I didn’t get any panic calls to hold the inbounds. And Matthew, who thinks he gets a blogspot for delaying trains, was only following my orders. It was only a delay of a couple of minutes for that runaround move and all the holding trains and latched orders that got them all moving. So no sweat.

So good work, gang! We made it look easy tonight!

The chip train hard at it: Photo Mike Anderson