OpsLog – LM&O – 4/23/2014

OpsLog – LM&O – 4/23/2014

It’s something when you are a part of a skilled production. And tonights’ operations on the LM&O was pretty much that.

We had our newest operators, Paul and John, getting drag freights over the road (and working their switchlists) without a problem. Usually I have to progressive-taxi new guys across the division but they had it down.

Then we have Yardmaster Frank, who is really getting the hang of our new switchlists. He’s only run this yard twice before and tonight he got just about every car in the right slot. And that’s a hundred cars (and nine trains) picking cars up and dropping them off. I’m really happy to see that the system is working so well, and the two of us are continually improving it.

And then there are the old sweats, the guys who’ve been doing it for years. For them, it’s just second nature, just another day on the railroad. Special kudos go to Jerry, who took on the overlong cut for Mingo (remember how I said the switchlists were still being worked out – overloading Mingo was a primary problem). Not only did he get about 40 cars switched in and out of that industrial park, he ran a final freight train (with is great for me, since I don’t have to back-work the switch lists now). And Larry who ran hoppers both ways over the hill – usually we’re lucky to get one across. And Bruce who was on-time and target with his helpers. And everyone else of our twenty man crew. No accidents, no confusion, everything run. Perfect.

Well, expect for the dispatcher, who saved ever bad move for the hapless Silver Bullet 2, which was delayed by mistakes and misplays all across Harris. I’d better not screw up like that again – I could be voted out of this elite crew.