OpsLog – LM&O – 4/24/2019

OpsLog – LM&O – 4/24/2019

t’s crazy the way this railroad runs. If you go back through the LM&O blogs, you’ll find Harris Glen mentioned prominently. This is because it’s a long hard climb to the top, trains stall, it’s a lot of curving single track and, frankly, it was engineered to be a bottleneck. We were so clever.

But tonight the beast slept. I don’t know why it was – we ran nearly everything in the roster – but Harris Glen was quiet. Oh, trains ran through but there wasn’t the desperate parade back and forth. No, this time the river route was pretty hot (no real waits but a lot of action up and down the main). What made it work well was that the locals ran quiet (I’m only realizing that Shawn musta snuck out onto my main to work Milton Feed and the interchange – I’ll have to have a word). But everything ran tight, we had helpers at the right place when needed (except for one set airlifted in). No, we were moving.

I even got to issue a number of those hail-mary warrants, where I give rights to half the railroad.

The man behind the curtain, hard at work.

Anyway, the best sessions are the routine one. Thanks to everyone who made it a nice quiet evening on the division.