OpsLog – LM&O – 4/25/2018

OpsLog – LM&O – 4/25/2018

here are some sessions where at the end the musicians in the orchestra pit should break out into a stirring refrain and the operators should all come forward in their black club shirts and bow, center stage, to our audience.

Tonight was one of those nights.

We ran the schedule – the whole thing. Every freight, every passenger, every coal drag. We also ran a bunch of extras, possibly a half-dozen or more. Funny thing was, other than a parade of four trains over Harris Glen, the summit just wasn’t a problem for us – it was the water-level tracks (where I lost track of the Mingo Jct Turn and caused a lap order (i.e a fiery cornfield meet (i.e. popcorn))) to occur, something which shames me. But otherwise, the survivors reported good times across the railroad. I know Silver Bullet 2 ran ahead of schedule (much to the dismay of the people left on the platforms) and Silver Bullet 1, even with a late start, managed to climb back on time.

Even more interesting, we had young Shawn running the yard (yeah, how many clubs have a pre-teen running a major classification facility?). He seemed to do well but time will tell (as will my friend sheets when I review them to set up for the May session).

But overall, a lot of fun and train running late into the evening. I’m still sitting here smiling (even with the smell of popcorn haunting me).

Great session, guys!