OpsLog – NH – 03/26/2023

OpsLog – NH – 03/26/2023

hat a difference a day makes. In this case, the “day” that existed between last op session and this one. Everyone grabbed the same jobs as last time and, really, everyone improved immensely. It might not have been apparent but from the Waterbury Tower, things were really under control. My locals were following orders and moving out of the way of the passenger trains (which we ran this time, unlike last time). Freights ran when they were supposed to. They did what they needed to do. The jobs wrapped up quickly (well, except for Zach, who decided to spend half the day running his goat into staging for a look-around for some lost cars. But he works hard, so we were willing to give him some backstage play time).

A NH passenger train accelerates out of the coach yard, running down the wrong main on train orders, passing the Waterbury Local (Photo: Jim M)

Really, my understanding of the railroad was so much better this time around. It’s not just four tracks past the tower, it’s clearly an east main, west main, yard lead and industrial track. Understanding that really improved the train flows (i.e. no collisions). I just felt like I was on top of my game.

And while we’re going with old slogans, it was a hot time in the old town tonight. Temperatures hit 90 outside the garage, so Sparky and JW were pretty much melted by lunchtime. Yes, we do need a sun awning in place and maybe a fan if were going to run before fall.

But smiles all around for the train running. Nobody snapped and nobody snarled, and a good time was had by all. So thanks to Rob for hosting and for lunch.