OpsLog – Pricthard & Charlotte – 2/15/2011

OpsLog – Pricthard & Charlotte – 2/15/2011

Nice to see the Pritchard & Charlotte up and running.

Our club mentored this club in the basic of ops, a very easy-going format. No waybills, just a list of trains and an agreed-upon route (their twice around becomes a double-loop mainline). Ran them under warrants for a few months. Now they took over and are setting up their own sessions.

A relief, just come in and run.

Got to take 111 west out of Charlotte, way underpowered with a single GP38 on the front. It didn’t help matters that I pulled into Division Yard and sucked up another dozen. Kept up my speed to maintain way but eventually bogged down in the middle of nowhere. Shut the unit down and waited for Larry to come up in a handy set of Dash9s. With all that power, there was no hill too steep for us. Into Pritchard in good time.