OpsLog – P&WV – 1/31/2024

OpsLog – P&WV – 1/31/2024

had a question about Avella Freight East and was told that owner Tom Wilson was out on the driveway. Bad sign.

Went out and found him with the garage door up, his screwdriver sparking as he desperately worked across an array of terminal strips. As his layout fills his two-car garage, the only way to get to his wiring is to open the door and work on it from the outside. So it was all Star Trek stuff, exploding consoles, sparks and smoke. Or maybe I’m exaggerating. I might be trying to distract myself from the fact that the last layout I ran on, the back-office Wazu, also exploded in computational flames when I was there. Outside of Greg (who was also at both), I am the only common denominator. Possibly I suffer from an Eldridge curse? Look, it’s possible that old gypsy was making it all up.

So yes, we had some problems early on and I just hoped we’d suffer through (which we did). Being in the back bedroom at the DS office, it’s hard to tell what’s happening. Of course, the fact that my engineers had a perfect score at not reporting in at their destinations really helped that ol’ mental picture.

Working West Belt Jct. When I DS a crew to work this, there are more flagmen out than a Russian May Day parade (Photo: Tom W)

While on the subject of situational awareness mishaps, I had one of my own. I send a coal entra into Connellsville, hadn’t heard and forgot all about him. A short time later, I cleared one of the Alpha Jets out. Since I don’t have any outgoing radio except to Rook Yard, my seat was spinning behind me as I ran out of the room, down the long hall, and poked my head in, calmly inquiring “Is the *pant pant” coal extra *gasp* in at Connellsville?” The Alpha Jet engineer, just coming into West Belt Jct, gave me a funny look. “What coal extra?” “Oh, nothing. Nothing.”‘

If I’d crashed two trains in the back after Tom had finished up there, I think he’d have taken a screwdriver to me. So, yes, whew.

Anyway, great ops and nice lunch way down in Haynes City. Thanks to Tom for hosting. And it was nice to see some of our out-of-town friends again.

Oh, and watching Greg climb into my Mini Cooper is like watching someone put the cork back into a wine bottle. There, see, Greg, I gave you a mention.