OpsLog – P&WV- 1/9/2020

OpsLog – P&WV- 1/9/2020

haven’t gotten a chance to run on the Pittsburgh and West Virginia much – it’s a retiree railroad, meaning it runs in the middle of the week. Not a problem (in future). This time, I got to come out as part of Protorails to run his heavy-industry line, sitting in the dispatchers desk (second time that day – my life is nothing but checkboxes, it seems).

I really enjoy this one – its a great railroad that runs easy and slow – everyone muddling over their switching moves. The dispatcher’s panel is a pain-in-the-butt (I’m telling you, Tom – it’s backwards!). But those are little nigglings – right now, it’s a great line and getting greater (since the owner is shifting it to TT&TO in the near future). He’s even got the train order boards set up and running (which I used to try to get crews to talk to me, and which they pretty much ingnored/overlooked).

Worked through the session and kept everyone straight. Had a really fun time though an electrical issues knocked us down and ended us prematurely. Still (and don’t take this wrong), I wasn’t totally upset by that. The owner managed to recover it right after the crew left so no long-term issues. And I was dead tired anyway – for the last two days, I’d been recovering from a nasty sinus infection and driving with mutants in Warpath One (I-4). And running trains all day. So I got to order slag and coal around for the evening and then head home.

I’m going to have to review my TT&TO stuff in preparation for the February session. Looking forward to it!