OpsLog – P&WV – 10/16/2021

OpsLog – P&WV – 10/16/2021

y second session of the Plant City Convention took place over at the Pittsburgh & West Virginia. Like the L&N, I got in under boomer law – I was “assisting”. But unlike the other layout, this time there were no Meddling Cody’s to take my seat. This time I was dispatching.

So the session went well. Tom’s layout is great to run (even with the East and West confusion that still lingers in the train names). We ran under warrants (I think Tom called this right – under TT&TO, we’d have been sunk by the newbies). As it came out, I still wasn’t getting OS reports and notifications of completions – you can see it on my train sheets. I have time for trains on (their first warrant) and then a long arrow with a guestimate time off at the division point. What else can you do?

At one point, an operator who was warranted to wait for an eastbound train went anyway, meeting the train at Rook Yard. What to do? I told the guy to back all the way back to his last hold point. When he complained about the distance, I explained that he could think about what the “Hold until arrival of” checkbox really meant. Anyway, got that cleaned up. The punishment fit the crime.

But otherwise it was a long session on the P&WV – six hours. Fortunately host Tom Wilson has a great library of train books back in the office so I could flip through them in the long periods where nobody OSed. Nobody died but we wore out all Tom’s brakemen flags that day.

Anyway, I had a fun time. Looking forward to the next P&WV, hopefully under TT&TO this time!

West Belt Jct, the busiest point of the layout. Ordered the local crew to flag every direction. What else can you do? (Photo: Tom Wilson)