OpsLog – P&WV – 3/24/2023

OpsLog – P&WV – 3/24/2023

rom my Throne of Power (i.e. the P&WV dispatcher’s seat), I told Tom Wilson (when he turned on the layout video cameras), quote: “I don’t need such idle toys. A real dispatcher does not rely on them.”

And when a visitor entered my keep just before the clock went hot and commented on the magnetic board for train markers, I laughed (“Moohahaha”) and said, “Puny engineer. I shall use the train sheet. A real dispatcher does not use such toys.”

And then the session started and everything went to shit.

I had two locals who went out to Avella and Bridgeville (adjacent sidings) to work. Then another two through freights called. Since they were both odd numbed (and both claimed to be coming out of Pittsburgh Jct) I wrote them tailing orders to nose-to-tail their way through my hard-working locals. But then it turns out that even though they were both numbered for westbound traffic, one was eastbound coming out of Connellsville (he even took a warrant “At Pittsburgh Junction” and read it right back at me). So he ran the entire railroad and came into my mess from the other way.

So imagine it, if you will. Two towns with sidings occupied. The east town has a westbound train on the main. The west town has an eastbound train on the main. And the overhead intercom was not working.

I thought, “I’m really in for it now.” (disclaimer, that’s not what I really thought, but I’m keeping this clean for the kiddies).

Anyway, I used the room cameras (which will  show me fifteen seconds of video before needing a restart) and actually had to call Superintendent Tom on the cell to have trains call me.

I’m not sure how I actually got it resolved. Seriously, I blanked out. All I know is that somehow, one of the locals shifted off the siding to work nearby, which gave me a hole to get one freight around the other. Or train-fairies saved me. Or it was all a dream.

What a day. But still fun and a great bunch of visitors (who probably remember their dispatcher having a high-pitched voice).

One for the books.


A train very much like this one came out of nowhere and ruined what should have been my masterpiece (Photo: Tom W)