OpsLog – SD&EA – 12/18/2016

OpsLog – SD&EA – 12/18/2016

thought my layout had been mothballed for a long time – a year. But Doc’s, with his life-changes and learning to run Coast Guard cutters aground, has had the SD&EA down for a half-decade. But he started prairie-dogging the club again, paid some dues, and the next thing I knew his clinic-back-room layout was back in the rotation.

Yeah, rotation of one. Things have changed in the club.

But this is about him and his phoenix of a layout. It’s still the same old layout you remember, but with the mainline stretched (through wormhole sidings and hyperspace bipasses) to Los Vegas – I still don’t quiet understand how to do that efficiently. But the thing is, now the run is a lot longer, giving trains a chance to stretch out. And while the desert might be a lonely place, the part of the line between Market Street and San Ysidro is a jumping mainline. For the full two hour session we were threading trains through, every siding groaning with cars. I enjoyed the brisk pace – we were busy the entire session. Even Tom ran a couple of trains, which puts him above Bill White, who I don’t think even owns a throttle.

Yes, I’ve run “first time” sessions and there is usually a lot of backing and confusion but the crew took that room over and ran everything through their paces – good running, guys. Nobody bowed out early and everyone did their parts. I was up and out of my dispatcher chair the entire time, calling orders through the open door, but hey, it worked. And in the end of things, I think we did a pretty good job, as did Doc. I’m glad to see this railroad up and running again.

Now, I gotta see to mine. New Years’ Resolution.