OpsLog – TBL – 09/25/2021

OpsLog – TBL – 09/25/2021

ell, it was another run on the Tuscarora today. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to finally run the new coal job since my coal operator is out with medical issues. I posted to the club but got no takers. So it was just the hard-cores – Father and son Brian and Tyler, running with me for a nice and tidy session over two and a half hours.

Gotta say this – since we weren’t running balls-to-the-wall like we usually do, Brian was able to study his timetable and actually learn the job. He began to understand why he was doing what he was doing rather than just doing what I said to do (yes, that is easier, but overall it’s more satisfying when the crews “get” what their jobs are. And he caught me in a goof, too, so that’s good). And Tyler is one of the most accomplished towermen we have on the Tuscarora. Oh, he was rusty at the start but got it under control pretty quickly. And since I was running coal (under the old way since I was also dispatching) it was really cool to lean down and actually spot my pennsy signal when making my moves.

The only significant goof was split between Tyler and myself. I told him I needed to run coal through Tuscarora and he set route and signals for me. Unfortunate he set it for eastbound while I was westbound. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the greens flash across the repeaters. So I just went. I was halfway through town when he realized what we’d both done. Of course, if an eastbound train had been coming, I’d have plowed right into him (and probably crashed into the tower and killed him too). But no, what happens in Tuscarora stays in Tuscarora, I guess. Everyone just covered up the goof.

But a great day for running trains with good friends. Thanks, guys, for making it happen!

End of the day: The Tidewater Extra breaks up in Tuscarora, pushing coal into the Easton Power Plant (Photo: Brian W)