OpsLog – TBL – 10/4/2021

OpsLog – TBL – 10/4/2021

t was a rough day and a rough night at the club. I worked on the gravel road outside (doing convict labor) and then traced wires in the hideous mess under Zanesville. And after all that, I wanted to run my own session on the Tuscarora, just the coal job testing out the new tally sheets.

And I’d use my SW-7 switched to make sure it was all ready for my clinic/ops session next week.

And of course, the chip blew.

So I can make the bell and horn works, and the engine idles. But you get headlights on both sides on it won’t throttle up. Pisser. So we did all the tests we could and gave up. In a darker mood, I went ahead and ran the coal moves with the RS-3 switcher. And that was… fun.

I ended up lucking out on the moves, always getting 2-3 laps out of my mines. I even worked the coke plant to save on hoppers. It was a lot of fun. Boston hung out with me while I ran (keeping my virtues safe from the feral Bithlonians, no doubt). But the company was nice and I just ran about, testing the tally sheet, which works fine.

And that’s my night. A lot better than my day.