OpsLog – TBL – 12/20/2023

OpsLog – TBL – 12/20/2023

uick post – tonight Steve played with the tower and had it crashing routinely, until it stopped crashing. After he left, I put the cars on and using an old sheet I’d stored in my locker some time ago, I ran a full session. Since I needed to test the tower, I did both leverman and freight engineer. What made it a pain was that to keep the aisle open, I had to run from the side (where the tower is usually bolted on). This meant that any uncoupling I had to do, I had to get out of my seat to reach it. And this is the Tuscarora. So it was up-down-up-down all night.

The good news: I ran a session without a single tower failure.

The bad news: I ran a session without a single tower failure. How are we supposed to debug this?

But I’ll say that I didn’t derail at all. The engine ran flawlessly. The session was fun (other than all the “Robert! Robert!” issues that always come up).

So no progress yet on identifying the problem. But having run a nice clean session, I really enjoyed myself. Now I remember why I built this damn thing in the first place. And now that I can see that maybe it still has a future, I’ll start working on the final building for the road (a general store for the mining town). Maybe this weekend I’ll do some ballasting, too.

What a way to run a railroad.